Mr. Quinn has experience both as an in-house surety and fidelity bond claim handler, as well as outside counsel to national and regional surety and fidelity bond companies.  He understands not only the legal requirements necessary for the proper defense of such claims, but also the business needs of his clients.

Our surety and fidelity practice is devoted to assisting our clients in making the best possible business decisions given the facts and the law as applied to each individual case.

In the surety context, our construction litigation experience, coupled with our in-house surety experience, provide a deep understanding of complex construction contract disputes, and their impact upon the surety.  In addition, we understand the delicate situations that arise from time to time between the surety and its own bonded principal.  We can successfully navigate the surety through such matters while ultimately protecting the surety’s interests and achieving its objectives.

While at Hanover, Mr. Quinn also handled fidelity bond claims.  He is intimately familiar with the more traditional policies, as well the latest Commercial Crime Policies gaining popularity in the industry.  Whether your company needs assistance with its investigation of a fidelity claim, or requires a vigorous defense of such a claim, we are prepared to help.